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Our Best

 Taston 5, Royal Taston 5
 Royal The Cross 5

Lightweight but Tough

 Taston Lite
 Taston MX
 Taston Lite Lead Core Foot Line
 Taston Lite Foot Line
 Taston Lite CPR/CBR
 Taston Lite Lead Core


 Taston Mack
 Polyester Rope
 Eslon King

All Purpose

 V/E Kuremona S
 Royal Safe II
 Polypro Spun
 Polypro Multi
 King Hilon
 Hi Multi S
 Soft Rope

Winding Ropes

 Lite Mix
 Royal Lite Mix Cross with Lead Core
 Hi Mix
 Hi Mix with Lead Core


 Hi-Spun Foot Line/Blue Taston Foot Line
 Lite Mix Foot Line
 King Hilon Foot Line
 Taston Lite Webbing Thread /Lite Mix Webbing Thread
 King Hilon Webbing Thread / Hi Mix S Webbing Thread
 Polypro Tascord / Ester Tascord

Range of Products to Match Your Needs....

 Braided Ropes
Taston Ring Rope
Two-Ring rope
 Sling Net
 Taston Lead Rope
 Container Sling Belt
 Taston Belt
 Rope Net
 Athletic Nets

Vanguard in a World of Possibilities

 Filter Units
 Buoy Fence System
 Synthetic Shimenawa
 Float Net

Pulling Out All the Stops for Super Fiber

 Five-color Towing
 Royal Vectran Tuna Extended Line