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Taston Ring Rope

For Set-Net/Culture Fishery

Taston Ring Rope Standards Table

Product number Outside diameter Inside diameter Thickness
(for 30t.type)
appr. 46cm appr. 27cm appr. 30cm around
(for 45t.type)
appr. 53cm appr. 28cm appr. 37cm around
(for 60t.type)
appr. 63cm appr. 34cm appr. 41cm around
(for 80t. type)
appr. 71cm appr. 36cm appr. 53cm around
(for 120t. type)
appr. 85cm appr. 45cm appr. 59cm around

Two-Ring rope

Be sure to use for the 65t type.

*Linear midsection: 2.5m

Outside diameter: approximately 121cm
Inside diameter: approximately 91cm
Thickness: approximately 45cm around

Outside diameter: approximately 74cm
Inside diameter: approximately 45cm
Thickness: approximately 45cm around

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